Come be a warrior for our AK environment and have lots of fun while doing it!
Awesome coffee is provided. Afterward, enjoy some delicious BBQ at the Turn Again Arm Pit in Indian.

Meet at milepost 115 on Seward Highway; Potter Section House

Approximately a 2 mile round trip walk, south along the highway. Generally takes from 11:00 - 2:00; however, that's with our average number of 5-6 participants. With more hands we can definitely cut that time in 1/2!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo, School Psychs!

A small update on the state of the ASPA nation:

Nothing worth it was ever made easy, or something like that. The transition to the new website system has been mostly pretty smooth. However, I knew the good news wasn't going to last - but, being in the field that I am, I know enough to hypothesize I may have fulfilled my own dreadful prophecy.


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