To New Beginnings

The ASPA website has seen some major revisions over the last year in an effort to make it both more flexible and more accessible for our School Psychs. Though we hit some road bumps in development that delayed the fantastic reveal, we are finally ready to showcase all of the hard work we have invested.

Beginning Monday, April 10, the sparkly, shiny new ASPA website we will up and running for all of us. That means:

- User account and profile registration.
- Blogs and articles and news, oh my!
- Forum access - tell us what you think! (coming soon*)
- RSS feeds (subscribe to get notified whenever there is an update!)
- Mobile browsing, because who actually owns a home computer anymore?
- And a whole lot of backend techy stuff that means we can now host things for your eyes only, like job openings, polls, conference registration, and even an electronic version of the newsletter.

We recognize that some of us get much more excited about web stuff than the rest, but we hope that this at least makes things a little bit better for you - because in the end, that's all we strive to do.

Here's to new beginnings!