Website Registration

Happy Cinco de Mayo, School Psychs!

A small update on the state of the ASPA nation:

Nothing worth it was ever made easy, or something like that. The transition to the new website system has been mostly pretty smooth. However, I knew the good news wasn't going to last - but, being in the field that I am, I know enough to hypothesize I may have fulfilled my own dreadful prophecy.

The system SHOULD be emailing me when new people sign-up for an account on the website. I have gotten a couple of errors, but did not realize until too late that there were a few people waiting for an activation email.

As of right now, anyone that registered and put in not-bogus information should have access. There is not a ton of stuff on here yet, but you should being able to poke around now without an errors telling you you're not allowed to be there.